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With Mojipay you can

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More payment options to send money Credit&debit cards / Bank Account / Mobile Money / Digital wallet

Receive money

More options to receive funds Mobile Money / Bank Account / Cash (Bank branch or ATM machine)

Request Payments

Get payments from customers, partners from around the world in your mobile money account, bank account or at an ATM!

Why MojiPay?

  • Affordability : fees and exchange rates are among the lowest in the market and are always explicitly stated.

  • Timeliness : Funds transferred available for the recipient in 5 min

  • Convenience : MojiPay is accessible to all and very easy to use

  • Availability : MojiPay can be used 7/7 and 24/24

  • Security: MojiPay is designed and controlled on the basis of the highest standards of international banking and IT security.No effort is less to secure your funds and personal information.

  • Compliance : MojiPay complies with the regulations in force in all countries where we are present.

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